big walls big dreams

Big Walls Big Dreams

Big Walls, Big Dreams is a collection of walls in Wynwood/Miami curated by UP Art Studio, painted during Art Week/Art Basel 2015 by internationally renowned artists.


"Big Walls, Big Dreams" is a collection of walls in Wynwood, curated by UP Art Studio, and painted by 20 artists from around the world during Art Week Miami 2015. Artists include Shalak Attack and Bruno Smoky from Toronto/South America, Enrique “Sero” Cruz from Miami, Inkie, Mr. Cenz, Lovepushr from England, Jay Mack “Muzik” from New Jersey, El Pez, Zosen and Mina Hamada from Barcelona, FPLO and Graphis from Brazil, Eelco Virus and Mr. June from The Netherlands, Brusk DMV from Paris, Dread from Denver, Colorado, Mas Paz and Che Love from Washington, DC, and Nicky Davis and Wiley Robertson from Houston, Texas.

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