big walls big dreams

Big Walls Big Dreams

A collection of walls and events curated by UP Art Studio in Miami during Art Basel Week 2016 by internationally-renowned artists.


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Scope Art Fair
801 Ocean Drive

Big Walls Bid Dreams HQ
2247 NW 1st Place Avenue

Lot 45 Walls
23 NE 25th St

2000 NW 2nd Ave

1st Avenue Projects
1st Avenue @ NE 28th St

This year, UP Art Studio has also been selected to be a part of SCOPE's Breeder Program featuring artist Flore in booth D33. This program intoduces new galleries to the contemporary art market.

Joining UP Art Studio is Texas-based Deep Eddy Vodka who is co-sponsoring the "Big Walls, Big Dreams" mural event.

Artist Partners

  • ABSTRK (Miami)
  • Bane - FX Crew (Sweden) Jani BaneOne Pihlainen
  • Bruno Smoky (Canada/Brazil)
  • Claudio Picasso CP1 (Miami)
  • Dado Ferri - FX Crew (Italy)
  • Dread (Colorado - Founder, Colorado Crush) Robin Munro
  • Drew Merritt (Los Angeles)
  • Dulk (Spain)
  • El Pez (Colombia/Spain)
  • Enrique "Sero" Cruz (Miami)
  • Flore (Miami/New Jersey)
  • Gorestyles - FX Crew (Sweden)
  • Inkie (England)
  • Insa (England)
  • Jay Mack "Muzik" (New Jersey)
  • Juegasiempre (Colombia)
  • Koka - FX Crew (Mexico)
  • Lovepusher Art (England)
  • Mr. Cenz (England)
  • Mr. JUNE (The Netherlands)
  • Nicky Davis (Houston)
  • Per - FX Crew (NYC) Alfredo Oyague
  • Rahmaan Statik (Chicago)
  • RIGO LEON ART (Miami)
  • Scott Tarbox Tarbox (Houston)
  • Shalak Attack (Canada/Chile)
  • Theo Magma - FX Crew (Spain)
  • Vértigo Graffiti (Colombia)

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